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Friday, February 27, 2009

NOw this totally sucks

My brand new knitpicks circular needle just came apart!!! what the ????? I was really getting into the knitting. have glued it but it won't stay. will try again but I just sent an email to knitpicks. Let's see what they say. Guess I'll start all over and do one sock at a time on 1 circular needle . dang it.


Aunt Kathy said...

I have heard they will quickly replace defective needles. I have a problem with my interchangeables but I keep forgetting to contact them. What a kink in the system huh? What will you knit while you wait

A Knittin' Junkie! said...

That sucks. I look forward to hearing about the response you get from KnitPicks.

Sorry hun.
a Knitting Junkie!

Wendy said...

OH how frustrating...I have some Boye interchangables and I was knitting away on a cowl and the next thing I know it came apart and here I was knitting and the stitches were just coming off...I was so mad I just pulled it all out and have not started over. Do not have big and long enough regular circulars to do it on, and am not wanting a repeat episode.