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Friday, January 05, 2007

Me and Birthday Gurl

Here is Dade bringing out the birthday cake with all the candles on it. You should have seen the smoke!! hahahahahah Look behind Dade and look at Tina's face. She is rolling her eyes big time. all those candles just for her

So here is my youngest gurl Tina. Took this photo last evening. Her hubby Dade, made sopitos and the most delicious cake! we ate and talked and had a good time.

cabled fingerless mittens

Happy New Year to you all. Isn't this a cute wrist warmer pattern? My Patt's Knitting Circle yahoo group are doing this as our first KAL of the year. I like it because you get fast results and I've never done cable before and it is so way easy. Why did I wait for so long to try it??? Well I'm talking like I've got it down when I've only done one cable so far. lol I am a braggart for sure.
I gave my Tina gurl her blanket yesterday for her bd. She loves it. Then I bagged it back up and brought it back home cuz YES I still have 7 skeins to go on it before it's done. It is a beautiful blanket. I will photo it today and post it here.
Hey if you want to learn how to further your knitting skills or are just a beginner, come join my group. We have lots of fun and we learn at the same time.