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Saturday, August 30, 2008

ready for the ms4

Ok so I have all the materials needed except for the tiny crochet hook. I bought a size 00 but it is wayy to big so I just ordered a size 12 and 14 last nite from JOanns. They ship fast so it should be here about the time the kal begins.
I have swatched and it looks good with a size 4 needles. oh I also ordered a size 4 bamboo straight needles and a circular one as well. I'm not crazy about the steel ones I have as the last few stitches will slip off way to easy. Wood or bamboo is always better for me. also the straight ones I can use better sometimes.
I haven't knitted a thing in the last few days. It has been just too hot. It always is hot the first week or so of school and the gkids are in the second week of school. so there ya go.