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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy 40th Rue gurl

Today is my oldest daughter's 40th birthday. I just can't believe that I have a daughter that old. That means that I'm almost 60. HOly moley. Where does the time go to anyway. This year just flew by on a rocket.

Well I had a good day spent with Rue. We went shopping to a couple of stores and had lunch at Olive Garden. I had the minestrone soup and salad. yummmm. To me that is the very best part of the place. then we came home and visited for a bit, Rue left to get kids from school and they came back and Tina and Dade and Mia and Cole came over and we all visited inside while Pa and a friend tried to put up our christmas stuff. They got the 3 snowmen and the reindeers and sleigh up and the 3 light show trees as well but I had to show Pa how to get the trees working. Tomorrow Pa will place them all around and then put some more lights up our tree and on the trailer. whooo hoooo. Santa should be able to find us for sure this year!! lol

Happy Birthday Ruthie, I love ya with all my old heart. hehe. Love MOM

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Parade in Napa, CA

Yesterday evening was the Christmas Parade in Napa, CA. My daughter Tina and her hubby Dade got the kids together along with Ruthie and decorated their ice truck with lights and snow and some of the kids rode in the back of the truck tossing candy to the parade watchers. Dade is driving with Rue riding shotgun. Little Cole is in his baby seat in the back waving at all the peeps too! Mia Bella rode in the rear of the truck along with Olivia and Javie and Kameryn and her friend and Tina and Monica walked along side the truck handing out candy. I was told by all of them that they had a great time and are already looking forward to next years parade!!

Olivia and Mia Bella
After the parade they all went to Felipe's and had some great pizza and they just caught Santa as he was leaving some place. I forgot where they said but they snapped a quick photo. Mia Bella was upset because she didn't have time to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She said now he won't bring her a present. awwwww I'm totally sure that Mom and Dad will take her to see him before the big day, I know Cole will have a few things he wants to tell Santa as well!
Cole and Tina

pictured with santa from left to right:

Olivia, Javie, Santa, Cole, Mia Bella, Ruthie and Monica

Woohoooo birthday and christmas month!!

Tomorrow is Dec 1st! The start of the end of the year. It's a birthday month as is January so we are getting ready for lots of cake!! I love me some cake and ice cream. My favorite part of birthdays. So I'd like to wish my daughter, Ruthie, a Happy Birthday on Dec. 3rd, Happy Birthday to my son in law, Javier, on the Dec. 7th, and myself a Happy Birthday on Dec. 12th, Jane from the WhoDuknit group Happy Birthday on Dec. the 17th .
That's all I have for Dec that I can remember right now. If your birthday is this month let me know so I can wish Happy Birthday to you too.

May all our wishes come true!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee