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Monday, June 02, 2008

Progress report

Let's see, first of all Happy June 1st!! I can't believe that half of the year is here. wow.

Ok I'm 2/3 of the way done with my Who Dun Knit project. I like the way it's looking. just think I really do need to make it longer but I was only sent one skein to work with.

And on the ripple scarf I haven't worked a stitch in a few days.

It seems like I can't get much done this last week. My new pills for my diabeties is making my tummy hurt a lot and giving me the runs most days. So between thinking I'm hungry and then realizing it's a tummy ache instead and running to the bathroom I'm not very energetic. Today I spent most of the day laying in bed watching tv.

I did work on the whodunknit project so got something worked on but that's all.

No one came over and it was real lonesome here too. Usually the gks will come over but their Mommy was resting so I didn't bother her by asking her to bring the kids over.

The photo above is of the ripple shawl I'm making for myself except I'm doing mine in Redheart Linen.
Going to bed now. Oh I lost another lb at last thursdays weigh in at my weight watcher meeting and daughter Rue lost 5!!!