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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mia loves to swing

This is Mia Bella having her first swing on the swing set at Mema's. I think she likes it, a lot! she is almost 19 months and is soooo smart.
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Love it!!

This is my son in law Dade, he is showing off his calendar at work.
He has added me and hubbys anniversary to it. Yep it's Valentine's Day and it's our 14th!!
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Monday, January 29, 2007

felted purse done!!!

Ok so here is the finished product. Now I am going to do a few things to it and see if I like it any better. Right now I feel that it is not tall enough nor does it close secure enough for me. I plan on taking in the sides by the handles and cutting off the tabs for the front closure and adding a button and button hole and maybe a little embellishment on the flap with a few gems or whatknot.

As always soon as I finish a purse I am itching to start another, better one. sigh.