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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Look at my sock progress

Wow I am so proud of myself. I did the heart and diamond patterns and so far it is all good. Looks good to me. Now I have a couple more rounds of knit and then start the heel. I'm good on the heels and foot and toe so I think I can get it done in a little while. I've been having lots of pain in my shoulder and wrists and hands so it is slow going. real slow.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I've already received some beautiful flowers from hubby. Here are some of them.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

busy making sheepy

After going to bed with a hugh headache and then waking up still sick I had to get up and ended up making some more sheepy stictch markers. and a set of froggy ones. Yesterday or the day before, I don't remember, hubby went to Michaels for me to pick up some more white and brown clay and he brought home a bunch more and said Happy Anniversary !! so now I've got 30 new little blocks of clay. Here is some of what I made last nite. That coin in the photos is a dime just to show how big they are.

I've spent the day in bed feeling like crap. Just took a shower to make myself feel better.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Changed up the top of blog

So How do you like it? I like it a lot. I made it myself. Also changed my Etsy store to match it.

On the sock front I have frogged and started over and then finally realized that if I used 4 dpn and put 16 sts on each one that I could keep better track of the stitches. I had to decrease one and mess with row 4 & 5 but now it's looking super good. I'm ready to start the diamond pattern. I just wanted to take a little break and fix my logo on my Etsy store and add a couple of stitch marker sets to the store
I've sold the ones on the ends but still have a set of blue and a set of neon pink markers.

I've sold 2 sets of sheepy markers and one set of froggy markers this week. LOve it. I played around with a tiny rose one and it is soooo cute but I know the leaves will break off or snag the yarn so I am not going to make a bunch of them to sell. at least not yet. But I will attempt any custom order I get.