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Saturday, July 15, 2006

knitted purse for a swap

Well I finally got this little knitted purse done. I don't know if I love the flower on it or not. I'm thinking a smaller white one would be better. I'll make one and see.
This flower is the one in the Noni bag pattern for the Night garden evening bag but it's not felted. actually I made this purse after that whole pattern some, just didn't felt it or make it as big. Think I will make myself one of the other bags I got , maybe the triangle baguette.
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

And the patterns

The first pattern is called "In The Sculpture Garden". There are two patterns here. one triangel baguette and one triangle bag. Second pattern is called "Night Garden Felted Evening Bag" I think I am going to make the night garden one first. I love the flowers on it. Well I love the flowers on the other bag too!! I have joined the Noni bag blog so am going to go check out what's going on there.

My Noni bag patterns and yarn from yarnzilla

Hey Everyone, I received my Noni patterns and cascade yarn from Yarnzilla yesterday. Here is a photo of the yarn. Got these colors just to add to my wool stash.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bad Bad Dog

Can you tell that this was a very nice porch sofa when I left to go to Walmart with my sis Bikki this morning. Just a tiny 2 hours later this is what I came home to. My darlin' dog couldn't find anything else to tear up so he tore up the sofa.
I could just kill him, I swear. I keep telling my hubby that a cage is what we need and he keeps saying NO. Well we'll see about that now. I'm going to get one tomorrow. This dog will learn his place or else!!! But I love my doggy. He is just a bad bad puppy. :)
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