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Saturday, December 20, 2008

just cast on for a sock

Sometimes I just have to listen to myself and this time I did. lol I just cast on a sock. I'm going to use the pattern called Seduction by Ann Budd. I'm using Red Heart Heart and Sole yarn in the color watercolor print. I've not used this yarn before so am curious as to how it will hold up to wear.

Just wanted to post that I did cast on for socks. Next pattern I'd like to try 2 socks at a time.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I need to knit myself some socks!

I want some hand made socks and I want them now!! I think it is time for me to stop looking at all the beautiful socks online and get busy and make some. My feet are cold cuz wallyworld socks just don't keep a foot warm. and I have 2 feet that are cold. lol
I just downloaded some free patterns from Knitting Daily Think I will start off with the comfy socks. Wonder if I can wear my crocs with them.
Oh yeah I love me some crocs. Thats all I've been wearing since summer. might be why my feet are too cold but they really give me better balance while walking. and for me that is huge as I usually fall at least once every couple of months and I can't remember the last time I fell. So that's a good thing as Martha would say.
Talking about Martha, I just renewed my subscription to her magazine. I'd love to have a knit magazine to join that I can really use. I"ve tried quite a few in my years but haven't found one that I love. Might just try the interweave one from Knitting Daily. What magazine do you all like for knitting?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Check out this contest At Darcy's Knotty Knitter

Darcy over at Darcy's Knotty Knitter (hehe love that name) has a cool contest going on. Why don't you all just click on the link above and go visit her blog and see what it's all about?
Here is some of what she has to say about it:

Celebrating Author Kate Jacobs New Book Knit Two With A Tote Bag Giveaway
To celebrate the sequel of The New York Times Bestseller The Friday Night Knitting Club, Knit Two On Sale Now.I’m having a giveaway for 4 tote bags so there will be 4 winners.There are 4 ways to enter.........."

I just entered it. love those tote bags almost as much as the books!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

little creatures

Here are my latest stitch markers ( the white sheep) and a pink sheep ornament and a dinosaur ornament. The ornaments are for Mia Bella and Cole (gkids)
My fingers are feeling better so hopefully I can knit some today.
Doing the clay figures seems to make my hands and wrists feel better. weird huh?