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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2 toe up socks on 2 circular needles

Just started trying to learn how to do the 2 socks toe up on 2 circular needles. So far I have gotten to row 1o and then frogged it as the yarns weren't matching up. NOw I'm just starting over again and gonna see how it comes out. ONce I got the turning and the right needle to use down it was ok.!!
Hugs Patt
will post a photo maybe tomorrow of my progress

we almost had a fisaster!!

We bought a cool fish tank a while back. I know I posted about it here. It is a double hexagon 70 gal tank with 2 tubes attaching the two tanks together. Well about a month ago we had some guys clean it for us, not pro's just some friends of my hubby.

We started noticing that the water was evaporating a lot faster that it used to. We were having to add water more and more each week.

Well hubby finally found out that there was a slow leak in the bottom of the tank and our brand new carpet was getting wetter by the day.
Next day I scoured craigslist and freecycle hoping to find a replacement tank that hubby could pick up fast. Nothing to fit our needs so on the way home from work hubby stopped by local pet store and picked up this second photo fish tank. It says it's 55 gal all glass tank and it looks a lot bigger than the double one. and the double one is acrylic and scratches super easy.
Any way to end the story, our new carpet is almost dry now but we have decided to leave the tank where it is for now. Way too much trouble moving it.
What do you all think:? which tank do you like best? I like the new one best.
Hugs Patt

Monday, November 12, 2007

Baby Cole wearing his new booties

Baby Cole came for his first visit to Mema's house and I gave him the booties I made for him and his Mommy put them on and said Ok take his photo with his booties!! So I did. Even got one with him "standing up" in them. hahahahah
Tomorrow Cole will be one month old!!!
He has got a little cute nose and the sweetest baby mouth! And Mia is so sweet. she told me look at my brothers little feet. cuteeee. lol Well the booties fit him real good so that made me happy.
I've even worked on the blanket today. will I ever get it done? HOpe at least by Christmas. wow.