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Saturday, June 24, 2006

knitter's brooch swap

In my knitting group we are having a knitter's brooch swap. I just finished mine today. I thought it came out pretty. What do you think?
In the pattern it calls for using toothpicks as needles but I used a dp needle and cut it. Kewl huh?
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I am up to this display this morning

Yes I was a little Blue this morning when I got up to this little scene. My Num Num must have been looking for some fabo yarn cuz he throughly went thru this basket of yarns. He mixed up a few skeins so well that I still haven't gotten them untangled. Why can't dogs just play with their stuff and leave my stuff alone?????? Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 19, 2006

A different yarn holder idea

My gd went to Marine World this weekend and brought home a big soda cup that has two holes in the top of it. One hole the straw goes into and the other hole is to put the top of the straw into so you don't spill your drink. Any way I was just looking at the cup and lid cuz the kids have taken out the straw and are playing with it. This cup would be nice for a yarn holder. Already has the holes, you could use 2 balls of yarn even.

My yarn holder

Last time I was in Walmart with my sis Bikki, I picked up this yarn keeper for $7. I had tryed using an empty baby wipe container but it was too small so I liked this one. Then Bikkie told me yesterday that she went home and took an empty candy container and poked a few holes in the top and now she has one too! With extra holes and $7 cheaper than what I paid! That's using her noodle huh!
This is the little tank top that I am making for my gd Mia Bella. She's gonna look soooo cute in it.
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Here I am grey hair and all

My niece Steffen, daughter of my sister Vickie, lives in Mexico. She sent her Mom and me and my daughter Rue some beautiful 14k gold earrings from Mexico. Vickie took this photo of me wearing them yesterday. They are tri colored hoops and the colors match my black hills gold wedding ring. Thank you Steffen. I love them. Aren't they pretty???? Posted by Picasa

Complete pair of Simple Mules.

Here is the complete pair of the simple mules I made for my gd Mia. It's my first pair of knitted slippers for kids. Posted by Picasa