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Friday, December 26, 2008

My Fave Music widget ohhhhh so cool

Hey Ya'll now while you are checking out my blog, you can listen the the music that I love. On the right hand sidebar right on top is my new toy. It is so cool. I love love love music. I listen to it every day. Now you can hear some of the songs I love the best. What do ya think? Like my music?

Alittle after christmas knitting

The first photo is of the sock I started. From the very beginning I don't like it cuz the cast on is yellow. and once I had wound the skein up into a ball or cake I didn't like the way the colors are. Hahaha Does that tell ya anything?
And the second photo is of the scarf I'm working on. very boring stuff. But I wanted to post something knit. I guess Redheart yarn is leaving me bored and lusting for more wonderful yarn to run thru my fingers. This yarn is super stiff and rough feeling.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

started a scarf, will it be done for Christmas??

So my adopted grandson wants me to knit him a black and white scarf. I started one last week and I frogged it last night and started it again. Before it was 20 row of black then 20 rows of white. Now I have it at 4 rows of black, then 4 rows of white ,etc...... Just doing a k2 p1 k2 repeat then next row p2 k1 p2 repeat. This one looks better with the smaller stripes and it's also a lot easier changing up the colors.

I also have a sock started but now I'm wondering if I should frog it and start a 2 socks on 1 circ using the magic loop method. I like the idea of finishing them both at the same time. And if I'm going to make myself a pair of socks I want to use my malabrigo sock yarn that I just got.
So will think on the socks while I work on the scarf. And yes, I know there is no way in he double l that I will finish the scarf in time for Christmas. But it is nice thinking it could happen. lol yeah I'm funny that way.

I still have work clothes to iron and a few presents to wrap before I'm ready for Christmas which we will be doing tomorrow around 5. HOpe I get it all done but I know I will. lol