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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday is Pain day

Here is my first photo with my new smile. It's a little crooked but will even out when all the pain is gone.

I do look happy here don't I?? hahahahahahahahah


Ok you know it's not really me. "What?" khahakhahah

Here is the real me.
and here is the Mojo sock that I'm gingerly working on all the while hoping the cable doesn't come out of the needle again. yikes!! ok finally got a vicodine so gonna go take it. maybe I can sleep tonight. sigh

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday is dentist day

I will probably not be on here tomorrow afternoon as at 2 pm I have an appt to have my last teeth pulled and get new chompers. This seems to have been a long journey that I'm happy that I won't have to repeat ever again. woohoo.
Not looking forward to the pain I know I'll be having for the next few days but after that it should be all smiles and teeth. hahahahah So wish me well friends.
On the home front, the family has been playing with our Wii again and having a good time.
and Im slowing working on my Mojo's. Got my Mojo working.........ahuh