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Thursday, November 20, 2008

progress photos

I wanted to show the progress I"ve made on the My Knitting Circle Mystery Kal that we are doing. The entire pattern has been posted and now we are all just working to finish it. So here is my progress:

Here is how far I've gotten on the Sheepy washcloth:

And here some some yummy dreamy sock yarn I ordered from EatSleepKnit. I love their yarns and patterns. This is the most I've ever paid for one skein of yarn but I'm going to make myself some socks for my birthday. It's malabrigo yarn in the colorway Impressionist Sky. It's superwash Merino.

There is the little sheepy ornament I made for our Christmas tree. It is the cutest!!

Remember if you would like a chance to win a sheepy magnet made by me all you have to do is join my blog as a follower and on my birthday, Dec 12, I will randomly choose one of the followers to win a magnet or pin. !!! So come on and join me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alittle get away

So hubby and I had a fun sleep over at my youngest daughters house. It was her and hubbys 7th anniversary and they went away and Pa and Mema stayed at the house with the kids. The kids never had someone sleep over and mommy and daddy go away but they acted like it was a normal thing to happen. Pa and I had so much fun with the kids. All we had to do was play and feed the kids and put them to bed on time and it was so easy. But man on man, my bones are killing me today!! I hadn't walked that much in a year. Good thing Pa was there to chase the kids around. It was a good time had by all of us. We got lots of hugs and kisses and laughed and played the whole time.
I didn't take any knitting because I knew there would be no time for that. and there wasn't. I don't think I even thought about knitting until I came home and saw my project sitting her on the desk. lol that shows you how much I enjoyed our little get away. HOpefully we will get to do it again soon.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A new Contest and new sheepy photos

If you will look on the side bar of my blog you will see a widget that you can use to join up as a follower of my blog. All you have to do is click on it and a form will come up for you to fill out.
Now if you'd like to enter into my contest, you have to sign up there as a public follower. Reason being I don't know how to see the private or anonymously peeps. ANy way,
once you join you have entered the contest. On my birthday, Dec 12, I will do a random generator of numbers thingie and choose one of my followers to win a sheepy pin or magnet of their choice and maybe something else. depends on what I have at the time.
So go join up!!
If you don't want to join up and just want one of the pins or magnets, I am selling them for $4 each until I am tired of making them. So you can contact me at with any questions or orders. I will use pay pal.

Ok here are the new things Sheepy I made today. The 4 white sheep on the left
are pins. The black sheep and the 4 white one to the right are magnets. the two in front are
the needle toppers.

More sheepy magnets and pins

I just baked a few more sheepy magnets one ornament and 2 needle toppers. I got a special order for the needle toppers so I hope they are usuable. lol They will need to be glued to the top of some bamboo needles. I don't have a source for the needles so am just hoping these will fit on top of any needles but I have a feeling they won't. The person just might have to send me a needle so I can get the right size for her. Course I'll send the needle back, lol ....or maybe not.
I'll post some photos soon as they are cooled down and I glue the magnets on them.
I have spent the most part of the last 3 hours playing with the clay. It's fun.