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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm Done, Done Done with the crocheted blanket!!!!

Finally I am done with this blanket for my daughter Tina and I can move on to more fun things.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mystery Bag KAL

Here is my mystery kal purse progress. I have finished the bottom of the bag and have 3 rows done of the body. This purse I plan on using as my always bag. I love pretty bright bags but tend to use a basic black one allll the time so thought it was time to make one that I really really like and can use. so ta da, this is it (I hope)
Almost all of the bags that I make have been given away as gifts or in swaps so I am gonna keep this one all to myself.
After the kal is over I will post the link to the pattern here so all can enjoy as well.

Square Knitting Needles

Well I learn something new every day, did you know that? And today I learned that there are square knitting needles to be had. Of course this means that I HAVE to have some now.
Do you know anyone that has used them? Have you got any????
I hate to spend my $$ on something that I won't use but I do it all the time. duhhhh you'd think that would be the something new I'd learn one of these days but nooooooooo, not in this lifetime. lol
So on ebay there is this whole set of square needles going for $190. Did I bid on them you say??? Nope I didn't. hahaha fooled you. but I really wanted to but my petty cash pocket is not THAT deep.