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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cole's 1st Birthday Party!!

Just wanted to share with you all what fun we had at Cole's party today.

First, here is the birthday boy. He's the one in the middle. on the left is his cousin Monica and on the right is his Mommy, Tina and that is Mia Bella in the foreground bottom right.
It was a great party. There was balloons and dinosaur cookies and chocolate dinosaurs galore, And M&M's with Cole's name on them and miniature candy bars with his name and bd date on them and a way cool birthday cake:

There were 4 different cakes that spelled out the name Cole with the o being an egg with a baby dinosaur poppin out of it. The cake was delicious. I brought some home.

There were lots of folks to talk to and kids playing and having fun. There was yummy crackers and to die for cheese spread and chips and dip as well. Lots of refreshments. Then the dinner was beautifully served. There was caeser salad with grilled chicken, fresh green beans with small red potatoes, and pasta salad with cherry tomatoes. Lots of fresh cheese and lunchmeats and breads. It was all great.

They hired a Caricaturist and he set up and did a caricature of each person at the party. It was so much fun. I'm going to use my caricature as my avatar on my groups and ravelry from now on!! Here are a few photos of Rene working:

and here is the one he did of me:

He even has me leaning on my cane and the fringe on my blouse!!

Now here is Cole with his daddy Dade and mommy Tina getting ready to blow out the candles!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Teeny Tiny Swap Goodies

We had a Teeny Tiny Swap on My Knitting Circle group and I received my puffy today! Above is what I got from Kathy Sheppard.
Thanks Kathy. it was a way cool puffy.
In it she sent a tiny little icord wreath, a knit bat with orange neck ribbon, a knit Snowman, and a tiny little knit sweater on a tiny iron hanger, a tiny bottle of body lotion and 12 pks of crystal light on the go Cherry Pomegranate drink. yummmm Oh and she also sent the patterns of the snowman and the bat and the wreath.
Thanks so much for all of it. This was a fun swap.
For future fun come join us at My Knitting Circle. I plan on more fun swaps to come. whooohooo

Button Tab hat

I love the look of this hat. The yarn is 55% wool 45%microfibre and it has a slight fuzz about it which makes it look even softer than it is. and the button tab is just a cool embellishment. You can get a differnt feel for the hat by using different buttons on. I chose this button because I know the person it's for loves gold and she wears a lot of it.

Next two I'm casting on is for a child that loves pink ( meaning Mia Bella and Olivia ) so I bought some cute pink heart buttons to go on them.

Monday, October 06, 2008

The little socks don't fit!!

Mia Bella and Cole came to visit me Sat with their Mommy and Daddy. Cole will be one Oct 13 and he has gone from crawling and standing up to walking like a pro! what's up with that? Oh and those cute little socks I made for him, they are way too small. wahhhhhhhh
I so wanted them to fit him. But nope. Him and his big sis just got new shoes and he is only 2 sizes smaller that Mia Bella. She is 3. and Cole almost 1 so I sure didn't expect him to have big feet. Oh well I should have cuz he does wear a big size of clothes.
Any way, Cole found the jello in my fridge and had to have some. He ate the whole thing too. So did Mia.
So what am I going to do with the socks? Leave me your ideas.
Hugs Patt