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Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting my knitting Mojo back!

Since my weight loss surgery and it's complications that left me in hospital for 2 months, I have worked hard to get back to knitting.  At first I couldn't even remember how to cast on let alone knit.  So out came my books and I learned all over again.  I am still learning things I knew how to do a year ago but due to the surgery complications I have forgotten most of those. Oh and by the way, I've lost 133 lbs in 13 months.  Anyway just yesterday I had to look up how to w & t altho I've made tons of felted slippers that had w&t in them.  So I finished my Bandana Cowl last nite.
oh gotta take a pic of it before I forget.
                                       Bandana Cowl
                                       chenille scarf
                                         blue slouch hat
           fetchings (fingerless mitts) for Bren
            hat and mitts for coley
  scarf for Mia Bella forgot to photo the fingerless mitts
homespun throw in Sierra                                 
So far I"ve made a slouch hat, took me 8 months to do that.  Then I've made in the last 2 months, a hat and mitt set for my grandson.  A fingerless mitts and scarf for my granddaughter.  A scarf for me to hopefully hide somewhat my trachea.  Then a pair of fetchings for my sister Brenda and a small dishcloth for myself.  Oh and I made one fingerless mitt for me.  haven't done the second one yet.  And am in the process of making a throw for my new home that we will be moving to soon as hubby gets it all done.  I'm using homespun in the colorway Sierra.  So pretty.  Here are some photos of my projects.