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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cole in his wallaby sweater

Wow Cole is getting so big. He's only 6 months old but is wearing 12-18months size clothes. I was hoping this sweater would last him for at least 6 months but who knows with the way he's growing. Well he does have a Grampa that is well over 6 ft.!!
His Mommy says she would like one ok these sweaters in every size! Does that mean I done good? lol NOw it's time for me to make his sister Mia Bella something. Maybe a pink wallaby!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I recently join the group called Whodunknit on yahoo. This group readys mystery books and then knits something that relates to the book just read. Cool idea huh?

This month is a Patricia Wentworth book and since her books are called cozies we have to knit a tea or mug cozie or something related to that. I've chosen to make a cup cozie as I don't have a teapot but do have lots of coffee mugs.!! This is the one I'm going to do above. I'm just going to be using it on a mug instead of what it shows above.!! I got the pattern from Ravelry.

2 baby hats for charity

I just finished these 2 baby hats for Nancy, a member of my group<>. She makes and donates baby hats to her local hospital. She just sent them 25 hats that she made all by herself. I thought she could use a bit of help so challenged my group members to help her out. will post later on how many hats were sent to her.