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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Homespun Chunky Cowl pattern

So I saw this cute cowl on Etsy for sale for $45.  I knew I could make one myself and I just happened to have a spare skein of homespun in my yarn stash so I took out my crochet hooks and went to work.
By the next morning this is what I ended up with.  I'm loving it.  I'm going to go to Michaels today I hope and will pick up a couple of skeins of homespun in different colors and make a few of these for Christmas gifts.

Here is the pattern.  I just typed it up and it is sooo easy.  If you know how to crochet you can make this in just a few hours.

Homespun Chunky Cowl
by  Patt Marcial ã 2012

1 skein homespun yarn or other comparable chunky yarn
Size K crochet hook.

Chain 152
Hdc in 2nd chain from hook, ch 1 , *skip 1 chain, hdc in next chain, repeat from * to end of row.
Join this row to form a circle.  Sl st in top of 1st hdc and later go back and join the bottom of the rows together as well.
Row 2: sl st in 1st ch 1 space and chain 2, hdc in next ch 1 space, ch 1, hdc in next ch 1 space , repeat to end of row.
Repeat this second row until you run out of yarn.  Secure yarn with a knot and weave in ends.
There you have it.  One cute chunky cowl that will get you lots of compliments!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making Coasters for Christmas Gifts

Since it's almost Thanksgiving, now is the time to start your Christmas DIY gifts.
I just love Pinterest and I have boards there.
Anyway, on Pinterest I saw someone posted making coasters using tiles from Home
Depot or Lowes.  I decided to try it as I am a DIY'er since waaaayyyy back.  If you've ever read my blog you'd already know that.
My hubby was going to Home Depot because we are building porches and getting our new place finished up altho we've been here since the first of July of this year.  I had him pick me up 20 4x4 white tiles (.16 cents each) and a couple cans of sealer.  I already had the Mod Podge and sponge brushes and roller so I was good to go.
I printed out a few photos on matt photo paper to use.  On pinterest the gal used holiday napkins.  Didn't have those so used what I have.
Here are what I've done so far:

the pear ones are my fave so far.  The 3rd photo is of my supplies.
Here's what I've done so far:
  1. cleaned off tiles with alcohol
  2. brushed mod podge over the blank tiles
  3. put picture down on top of wet mod podge
  4. smoothed bubbles out of photo (I had to redo a couple of the tiles because the pictures had too many bubbles under them that wouldn't go away.  I just tore the photo off the tile, washed the glue off and dried the tile and reused it.)
  5. brushed mod podge on top of photo and let dry over night.
  6. I also used some twinkle paint to dot some twinkles on a few places on the snowman and the merry christmas tiles.  still have to do one more xmas tile.
  7. today I will spray the dried tiles with the sealer and that will be that. 
I'm going to michael's today to get some think cork board or a similar product to glue on the underside of the tiles so the tiles don't scratch where ever they are put.

Something that I just noticed is this:  if you don't trim the photo so that it's just a tiny bit smaller that the tile all around then the photo will just lift up from tile after it's dried.  I just had to trim some places on a few of the tiles because of this and reapply more mod podge.
I tried to rough the top of the tile up with a large acrylic nail file but it didn't do anything.  So the best thing is to make sure photo or image is smaller than tile so that it will stay glued down.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Happy Saturday

If you look up at my Etsy shop icon you can see that I finished a pair of Fetchings in the colorway of Red hearts Artist Print.  I'm working on an icord cowl to go with it and since I already have a dark plum icord cowl up in my shop I'm going to start on a pair of fetching to go with that as well.

I've been making a lot of bracelets but the ones I like best at the moment are the make a wish bracelets.
They are very inexpensive ($3.50) and are just a fun bracelet to buy for yourself or your BFF.  I gave my BFF Rose one the other day.  It was on a bright pink cord with pretty pink beads.
This is just one of the wish bracelets.
This photo is one of my favorite bracelets that I've made.  It's a gold brass lotus blossom with a non tarnish gold wire cuff.  18 gauge wire.
And this one has little tiny circles and keys as the charm and pretty blue glass beads with a toggle clasp.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I see that I have not yet posted about losing my daughter, Ruthie, in June.  Ok.  So she passed away on the 8th of June.  She left behind 3 children, Monica 16 1/2, Olivia 14 1/2 and Javie 10.  She was seperated from her husband for almost 2 yrs but when she died her husband got another job so he could be home every nite with the kids.  He moved into their little trailer for the time being.
Ruthie had Lupus but she had other problems as well that contributed to her death.  We all love and miss her very much.
The kids started school yesterday.  My husband is taking 2 of them to and from school and their Auntie Gloria is taking Olivia.  They are trying the best they can to just get on with day to day living with Monica being in charge while they are home until their Dad gets home from work.
I'd prefer them all living with us but we have to respect their Dad's wishes to keep them all together now.

Since my daughter's death in June, I just haven't felt like doing much of anything but I really need to keep my mind and hands busy so I don't just break down and lose it.  So I've been making jewelry for my Etsy shop--
I can make things but not have to concentrate so hard as I do when I knit.  I've started a cowl 4 times and have ripped it all out over and over again.  So I gave up on that pattern. sigh. :(
I've just started making some bracelets using non tarnish gold and silver wire.  Very simple but beautiful at the same time.

Those are just a couple of the ones I've made this week. 
I've also tried doing a few words in wire:

I'd love to get any kind of feedback from you all.  Let me know what you think, good or bad.  I can take constructive criticism

Saturday, July 07, 2012

I'm Loving Pinterest

I found Pinterest a while ago and I have to say I'm really loving all the info I find there.  Here is a link to my boards if any of you are interested.
I have just moved into our bigger place and I am so in love already with this place.  It's twice the size of our last place and my hubby has done all of the work here so it is extra special to us.  From insulation to walls and floors, ceilings, cabinets, kitchen cabinets and island and bathrooms, he has  done it almost all by himself.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two of my Favorite Knitting Accessories

I hadn't used my yarn swift in quiet a while but I knew right where it was when I needed it today.  I set it up and got busy. I have just wound the green ball plus another one of same yarn and also another 100% wool yarn ball. The green yarn is from Knit Picks and it's called Shadow and is 100% Merino Wool.  The other ball is one I won in a contest.  Received it from Vigdis Marie Design and it's also 100% wool.  But don't know the name of the color.  I will just call it Autumn.
With the merino wool yarn I am going to make a scarf.  I hope it turns out  how I envision it. lol

We are getting closer to our move to new place.  hopefully just another month or so and it will be ready.  I am just so excited about it.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Lista ..... get free stuff!!

I've joined the group called Lista.  You can get or give away free stuff on it.  You know, all that stuff you have taking up space in your house that you don't use any longer.  Just go here:
to join.  It's fun,  find something you like and bid on it using the credits you get for joining.  You can also get credits for listing an auction or many other ways.  Have fun!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vickie on the channel 4 news

We had an earthquake here last nite and another one this morning.  My sister Vickie was interviewed by a reporter from channel 4 news last nite.  Here is the video.

Grecian Rib Stitch Tutorial

This is a tutorial for my knitting group on yahoo.  We are doing a knit along (KAL) of the Grecian Rib Stitch Scarf.  I hope this can help understand how to do the stitch.