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Friday, October 03, 2008

PIF delivery

I got a great box delivered just now. It's from Jant's Art. I posted a comment on her blog for a PIF (pass it forward) and here is what she sent me. A while ago she sent me a knit magazine and today she sent me:
2 skeins of teseo yarn
3 skeins of Lionbrand chenille yarn in Paris Print colorway
2 skeins Peaches and cream 1 camel-----1 peppercorn ombre
1 chibi set
1 pk tapestry needles (just lost my last needle last nite so need these badly)
1 pk stitch markers
2 pk Cohas coffee yummmmmm

This was a wonderful PIF box. I love the colors of the yarns, perfect for autumn knitting!!

Thank you so much Jan. YOU ROCK!!!

Wow it worked. cool

awesome  mousewatcher Home

I'm just testing out the Windows Live Writer I just downloaded.  I can post to my blog right from my homepage.  At least that's what it says I can do.  So now I'm going to post this and see what happens. Home

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Baby Socks

Just now finished these little socks. They work up real fast. I used the pattern by Judy Ellis called Infant Socks. I changed it up just a bit by only working the ribbing for 4 rows and then doing the straight stockinet stitch. I'm gonna give them to Cole for his birthday. I know I said I wasn't going to show them here yet but I just had to. They are so cute. lol

Sunday, September 28, 2008

LIttle socks

I made a couple of tiny little socks. They are so cute. And then I've made one sock and started another one for Gson Cole. Not gonna show that one here but will share the 2 little ones I made.