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Friday, October 03, 2008

PIF delivery

I got a great box delivered just now. It's from Jant's Art. I posted a comment on her blog for a PIF (pass it forward) and here is what she sent me. A while ago she sent me a knit magazine and today she sent me:
2 skeins of teseo yarn
3 skeins of Lionbrand chenille yarn in Paris Print colorway
2 skeins Peaches and cream 1 camel-----1 peppercorn ombre
1 chibi set
1 pk tapestry needles (just lost my last needle last nite so need these badly)
1 pk stitch markers
2 pk Cohas coffee yummmmmm

This was a wonderful PIF box. I love the colors of the yarns, perfect for autumn knitting!!

Thank you so much Jan. YOU ROCK!!!

1 comment:

Jan said...

OOOh it looks good all laid out. I'm so glad you like it. PIF is a good thing...
Hugs, Jan