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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Want to see my new KIP Bags?

I so forgot to tell you this but now I am so that's a good thing right? I know!! When I went to pay for the prize kip bag I couldn't help but get this little fireworks bag I've been drooling over. It is exactly the PERFECT bag for my sock project. Well the owner of Ruddawg is Brenda, she is such a sweetie. See the mini bag there next to my sock bag? She sent it to me as a surprise. WHen I thanked her for it and expressed my surprise she sent back a simpe little message.
It said: "Happy Anniversary!" Isn't that the nicest thing??? Yes it so is. Thank you Brenda. Beautiful, useful pretties makes me happy...:)

And just to remind you all of the pretty bag that is the prize for my Valentine Commet contest, I am showing you the photo of it once again. NOw remember , as long as you comment on any of the blogs that has a photo of the bag below, you are entered in the contest which I will announce the winner I think on Feb 15!! we shall see.

Does anyone know what this is??? can you tell??

Hey I'm just wondering if this is recognizable for what it really is or is it a mystery to you all?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Frogged Sock and Frog Markers!!

Here is my frogged wool sock. It was too baggy.

I made these little frog stitch markers for Nate. If he likes them I will bake and send them off

to him.

And this is the new sock that I started on last night. It's finally going smoothly! sigh*

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thanks Tina Gurl

HOw sweet is this? My Tina gurl sent me some photos to share with you all.

This is Mia Bella giggling

This is Coley in his back yard think he's saying," Does this shirt make my belly look fat? "

This is puppy Zeke, getting bigger every day. sweet dog

and this is Zeke trying to get Tsavo the cat which is a Bengal cat. or something like that. anyway he's a big big cat and soooo pretty

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Don't cha think if you have a new camera

That you should take some photos of the kids and dog and send them to me??? lol, Yep I'm talking to you Tina Bo Bina (my youngest daughter). I know you read my blog all the time so I'm letting you know that I'd like to have some new photos to share on here. You and Dade can even be in them, I don't care just as long as I get some Mia Bella and Coley pics.

So I just wound up the skein of yarn that Joy Blum sent me in my groups swap. And I think I've decided on doing these socks with it.

Perfect sock for Valentines Day! Right? Yeah I know.

Went to the dentist today wearing these new earrings and pin:

The ladies LOVED them. awwwwwwwww:

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

wool socks again.... And I've won twice this week!!

I could have had a complete pair of socks done by now but my progress has come to a screeching halt. What happened?? Oh well I tried this sock on and it leg part is way too long and baggy for me. So instead of frogging it, I just tossed it into my kip (knit in progress) bag. that's the purple in the top left corner of photo.
I haven't knit a stitch in 2 days. So now you can see a frogging friday post on here come Friday!

But good news is I've won a contest twice this week!! I know!!!! Crazy huh?
First I won on the Who Duknit yahoo group. I chose a skein of yarn from Vigdis in Norway in rust and green. And yesterday I won for posting about the Finish or Frog Friday. I won 2 skeins of Marabella cashmere yarn in a dark brown color. whooohoooo Cashmere yarn. This will be the most expensive yarn I've ever ran thru my fingers. yummy soft soft

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Better Photo of Prize Bag

Here is a brief description of the bags that ruddawg makes from ruddawg herself!!:
KIP Bags are great for knitters/crocheters on the go. They have pockets inside to keep needed items handy and close with two satin cords. Just pull on the cords and the bags stay closed. A KIP bag is sturdy, well made and best of all, machine washable and dry able. The designs on KIPs range from Retro to Goth, so there's one to fit just about any personality.
1 February 2009 10:38pm EDT

and here is a bigger photo of prize bag.

Happy February, The Month of Love!!

To show my Love to all of you I am having a contest starting today. Here are the ways to enter.

  1. Post a comment to this blog entry.

  2. Post about the contest on your blog or group and tell me here that you did.

  3. If you post on your blog about it and someone comes from there and tells me, you earn another entry.

The prize will be a way cute project bag from the Etsy store of ruddawg. Her bags are famous in the fiber world. I have one I bought last year and I LOVE it. Here is a small photo of the bag you will receive. She says this bag is from her Amy Butler fabric.

Pretty isn't it? I'm waiting for a larger photo to show you but this one will do for now.

This month is Valentine Month. Hubby and I will celebrate our 16th wedding Anniversary on the 14th. As I said, the Love Month!!

I hope you all have as much love in your life as I do. Good luck in the contest!!