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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Couple of projects finally done.

Well I got 2 things done. A dinosaur bib and the whodunknit skein swap project. I'm really happy about it because I've been feeling really out of it the last couple of weeks. NOt up to par since starting the diabetic medication. I took it for 3 weeks so far and my sugar is still way up and with it making me feel so bad I just stopped taking it. Now I'm waiting for the doctor to call me back and tell me what is next.

The bib is the photo above. I think it came out really cute. just have to block it a bit and then give to baby cole.
I won a skein of sock yarn on the Whodunknit group so am going to use it to start a pair of sock for myself later this week. wooooot

A Squirrly surprise!!

Yesterday morning I was just getting ready to make some coffee and was standing at the sink when a little squirrel jumped from our porch gate to the little window above the sink. It startled me so!! But I didn't squeal like I normally would have. I'm just glad that the window was closed or we would have heard me squealing all over the place! lol. This guy really tried to get in and when he couldn't he just sat back on the gate and looked around for a long time.

We have lots of squirrels around here, I see them everyday, and also have ducks that live in the creek in the back of us. It's like a mini forest around here, I love it.

I think I will name this squirrel Squeaky. Hubby took a few photos of him for me.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Javie's 6th birthday

Yesterday was my gs's 6th birthday. Javie had a super great day. He had fun in the jumper all day and had snowcones and a pinta and candy and barbeque and gifts. what a day. You can see how happy he is in the photo. He's getting ready to blow out the candle.