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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Squirrly surprise!!

Yesterday morning I was just getting ready to make some coffee and was standing at the sink when a little squirrel jumped from our porch gate to the little window above the sink. It startled me so!! But I didn't squeal like I normally would have. I'm just glad that the window was closed or we would have heard me squealing all over the place! lol. This guy really tried to get in and when he couldn't he just sat back on the gate and looked around for a long time.

We have lots of squirrels around here, I see them everyday, and also have ducks that live in the creek in the back of us. It's like a mini forest around here, I love it.

I think I will name this squirrel Squeaky. Hubby took a few photos of him for me.

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