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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I see that I have not yet posted about losing my daughter, Ruthie, in June.  Ok.  So she passed away on the 8th of June.  She left behind 3 children, Monica 16 1/2, Olivia 14 1/2 and Javie 10.  She was seperated from her husband for almost 2 yrs but when she died her husband got another job so he could be home every nite with the kids.  He moved into their little trailer for the time being.
Ruthie had Lupus but she had other problems as well that contributed to her death.  We all love and miss her very much.
The kids started school yesterday.  My husband is taking 2 of them to and from school and their Auntie Gloria is taking Olivia.  They are trying the best they can to just get on with day to day living with Monica being in charge while they are home until their Dad gets home from work.
I'd prefer them all living with us but we have to respect their Dad's wishes to keep them all together now.

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