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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Happy Saturday

If you look up at my Etsy shop icon you can see that I finished a pair of Fetchings in the colorway of Red hearts Artist Print.  I'm working on an icord cowl to go with it and since I already have a dark plum icord cowl up in my shop I'm going to start on a pair of fetching to go with that as well.

I've been making a lot of bracelets but the ones I like best at the moment are the make a wish bracelets.
They are very inexpensive ($3.50) and are just a fun bracelet to buy for yourself or your BFF.  I gave my BFF Rose one the other day.  It was on a bright pink cord with pretty pink beads.
This is just one of the wish bracelets.
This photo is one of my favorite bracelets that I've made.  It's a gold brass lotus blossom with a non tarnish gold wire cuff.  18 gauge wire.
And this one has little tiny circles and keys as the charm and pretty blue glass beads with a toggle clasp.

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