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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smooth knitting finally

Yesterday I worked hard on my sock. For some reason I had too many stitches. So I fixed that. Then I didn't have enough. grrrrr so I ripped back to the cuff and started on the pattern again. Again I had the wrong count. during all my counting and ripping my gd Monica was chatting away to me. I told her I was counting so hush, but noooooooo she hasn't learned how to do that yet (she's 14 so I think it's impossible at that age to hush!! lol). Finally I was so frustrated that I snatched all the dp needles out of the yarn and tossed the yarn into the corner of the room.
After cooling down I reread the pattern and realized that I was reading the pattern wrong. Monica and I laughed at that and I ripped out the tossed yarn and rolled it up and started all over again. This time I got it. above is the results I have so far. Not bad. But now I'm thinking that I'd rather have some thicker socks. I should have used some Patons Classic wool for some winter socks. The blue sock will be fine for spring tho. I'll keep on making them but wishing all the time they were wool ones. sigh.


kadezmom said...

I'm always thinking about the proverbial "next perfect" sock......never happens *wink*

Have a great week

Aunt Kathy said...

You'll finish these in no time and can start working on the wool pair, lol.

The first sock I made was with red heart strata yarn, little slipper socks... but it was easy to work with for my learning.

You can always start a wool pair now and then finish this pair after. Right?

Or even work on both at the same time.

OK I am not helping am I? LOL

RoamingKnitter said...

You have a great start now on socks.

Go ahead, start the wool pair. You don't HAVE to finish one thing before starting another. Not like "clean your plate before you can have dessert"!