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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aren't you wondering

Aren't you wondering Why I was up and blogging so early on a Sat morning? It's because my daughter Rue and her family finally got moved into next door. And at the buttcrack of day there is a knocking at my door and little voices yelling, "Mema, get up!" I hobbled to the front door and there they stood, all smiling and happy, Monica in her jammies and Javie with a hand full of little cars and bikes.They just wanted to say hi and get something for their mommy. after they left I went back to bed, covered up , got the doggy settled and then knock knock, mema!! BAck again to visit and watch cartoons. So I got up got some coffee and turned on the puter.Now as I was just sitting here working on my socks, they were playing xbox 360 and one started humming and then the other one started and before I know it I'm keeping up with them in my head and I lost count!!! aaaahhhhhhhhhh NOw I appreciate music as much as the next Mema does maybe more but when Im counting I don't!! so had to put down my sock and write this.Maybe I will just go take a shower and try it again after I'm clean and fresh.


kadezmom said...

Eh. Forget the sock and go join em on the xbox!!!

Aunt Kathy said...

Maybe that's why I haven't finished my socks... Adam always wants something, lol. But I'll take a grand child over a knit sock any day