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Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's Begining to Look at lot like Christmas!! and a new doggy in family

This is what my hubby got done last week between Wed and Thurs. Got the 3 light show trees up along with the 3 snowmen and the 2 reindeer and the sleigh. We just need a Santa and some snow!! Don't think we'll get the snow as we live in Calif. Oh well. I can pretend it's snowing.* there ya go that's one flake and here's another* weeeeeeee

My daughter Tina and her hubby Dade just bought a new puppy. A yellow labrador. What a pretty and sweet dog he is. They have named him Zeke. WEll Mia Bella named him so Zeke it is. and I love the name.

Here he is.

and here is one with Cole and Daddy Dade and Zeke:

ON the knitting front I am almost done with the matching mittens to the pink button tab hat I am making for gd Olivia. She is excited about them, she wants to wear them for her birthday in January!


Jane said...

Your decorations look great - and the puppy is adorable!

Aunt Kathy said...

Snow is so over rated, lol. I love the decorations