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Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! and the sheepy winner is????

Here I am in my annual birthday photo. I'm wearing my fabo new jacket and scarf from dd Tina and Dade and kids and holding my new utensil holder and super rice cooker from Rue and Javier and kids. It's always a good birthday when my kids and grandkids are here. We had dinner here yesterday to celebrate my bd cuz hubby works a long day today.

My son in law Dade and granddaugher Mia Bella, made me the most tastiest bd cake. See photo below. That's daughter Tina and Mia Bella. Dade is in the back ground of photo. I had cake for breakfast this morning!! yummmmm Thank you Dade and Mia Bella.

IN this photo is Tina my baby, Cole, Tina's baby, Ruthie, my oldest baby and Rayo my chihuahua

So I'm officially 59 now. I don't mind at all getting older. I DO mind the old lady neck that comes along with it. lol yuck. oh well I am so blessed that I don't even care about that old neck I've got.

Hey and since today is my birthday, I get to announce the winner of the Followers contest!! I just did the random number and the number that came up is 10!! And that is Anita from The Knitting Junkie blog
Congratulations Anita. if you will just send me your address to I will mail off your sheepy right away!!

Thanks to all of you for playing my followers contest. Stay tuned for another fun contest to be announced real soon.


Jane said...

Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderful, good looking, family!

Aunt Kathy said...

Happy Birthday again. And thank you again for the magnet you sent me. You are just the best.

I love that you take an annual birthday picture. I wish I had done that over the years. But I can always start next year right.

A Knitting Junkie said...


And thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of your totally cute little sheepy's!

I have sent you an email with my info.

Tammie said...

Hello cuz I just wanted to tell u that the mittens and cap or beanie what ever its called now days u really do a great job on ur crochet and knitten to. I really hope u had a very nice time on ur birthday

Crochetoholic said...

Happy Belated "B" day..How are ya?