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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gotta make something

For as long as I can remember I have this need to make things, to keep my hands busy. Who cares if I make a big mess in the process as long as I am making something. I know my hubby wishes that I get the urge to make a lot of great dinners but that's not happening. I could make him a nice place mat tho. lol

I've got all these fat quarters of fabric laying around doing nothing and I saw this way cute double pointed needle holder and as the lady is charging $28 and $31 for hers I decided to make my own. So far I've got the material cut and the batting too for one. Now just gotta find a clear place on my kitchen table to put my machine and I'll have one made in a jiffy. If it turns out good enough I'm gonna make a couple of them. Could use one as a prize in my knitting group.

Only way to keep the members posting is to bribe them with prizes. lol Will post a photo when I've gotten a couple done.


kadezmom said...

Patt, you are too funny!! I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are good with your hands. I feel the same compulsion.....however, housework AND cooking don't always land on the "do to keep hands busy" list here either.

Jane said...

I know what you mean by 'clear a place on the table!' I've got my sewing maching out today too - a rare occurance for me.

kadezmom said...

Hey Patt! :D

I'm not sure what all is up with AK...I know she's super busy these days. Crazy times. She's also been traveling to see family and had Adam for several weeks over Christmas.

I was so wrapped up in ShellyUniverse that I missed that you we sick. I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you are well on your way to healthy. Loveya!

danielle said...

Patt - isnt that true - how easily we craft addicts are to bribe! And BTW, I live in Livermore! (You had commented on my blog).

Vanessa said...

Hey Patt
I have a Question
I want to add the things under my Comments liek you have... where dod you get them? like the agree love like funny buttons...

Vanessa said...

Hi Patt me again lol haa haa I am not the fastest knitter by any means lol.... I have 2 kids and a dog now so I knit Like a hermit crab now haa haa... I have sooo much going on... but I LIKE IT lol.. I am in AWWW when it comes to you~! I can't sew and I LOVEEE your yarn bags ...I have always wanted one.... I LOVE your Clay creations I wear my Manatees on my necklace chain lol I get sooooo many compliments :) I tell them to look you up :). I LOVE everything you make I am kinda jelous in one sense lol. I luv u patt.... I have known you now what 4 years?? maybe little longer since Olivia will be 4 soon lol. GOSH 4 * sigh* time flies.... any whooooo.... Wanted to let you know I love you and your crafting talent...if only I had that much talent.