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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Crocheted item

So I haven't crocheted in such a long time. I had forgotten where I put my hooks. But I saw this really cute flower scarf being given away in a contest and I entered the contest but just in case I don't win I figured that I could make one, if I found those hooks.
I looked and looked then just as I was getting frazzled I looked out the window and there was the container with my hooks. sitting in the window all this time. whew
So with my contest winning prize of some lion brand suede yarn in Olive, I crocheted a flower and then the chains, 10 of them. and it was done!! Here it is being modeled by my grand daughters Monica and Olivia, and by the way Olivia's birthday was on the 5th of this month and she is now 12, and Monica's birthday is on the 14 of this month and she will be 15.


danielle said...

Very cute!!!! (The scarf and the grand daughters!!!)

kadezmom said...

well, need to stop being so talented!!!! Nice job, can't tell you haven't picked up the hook in awhile.

Jessica said...

Hi, Patt. This is Jess from Lion Brand. I wanted to thank you for using our yarn. The scarf looks great. Keep up the great work!

With warm regards,

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Very lovely and love the pictures of the girls so pretty:) Hugs Darcy

deb said...

Happy belated birthday, Monica!