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Sunday, March 22, 2009

See who came to visit me!! Yep it's Joy Blum!!!

I finally got to meet Joy Blum in person. Her and her hubby Jason and two youngest girls came over to visit for a little bit before they continue on their journey to Texas. They will be visiting Jason's parents. Joy and her family live in Oregon. I live in CA and now they are on their way to Texas and then later she will meet Nate and someone else, sorry I forget who to talk knitting!! Oh yeah and to celebrate Joys birthday. wish I could go with them. would love to meet Nate. Hi Nate!!!

It was a short visit but so much fun. Joy is exactly like I thought she'd be. Outgoing and friendly and great to talk to . She brought me gifts too!! The new debbie bliss knitting magazine and some pretty sock yarn , the Deborah NOrville collection Serenity in the colorway Thyme, 2 skeins of it. love the color of it. Thanks so much Joy!!! I gave her a project bag I made and a sheep and sheep stitch markers I made and a couple of other pins. and a yarn dot!! We were both happy. :D

I really enjoyed looking at the projects she has going. and talking to her. I know we would be tight friends if we lived close to one another. She is so full of energy and even though she has only been knitting for a year her knitting looks like she's been at it for years. Really and truly her socks astound me. She has socks down as well as lace work and cables and gosh you all know her blog right?

here is just a small part of what she had to show me. cool huh?
Course we had to take pictures together. Here it is.

Sadly we had to say good bye so her and family could get started on the rest of their trip. Hopefully one of these days she can come back and visit again. I sure do hope so.

Oh and her hubby Jason, he's so friendly and a nut so we got along just fine!!!


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

How special to meet in person a blogging friend and the goodie swapping sounded fun:)Hugs Darcy

Jane said...

Oh good - I got to see all the pictures. That would be Lena she is going to see with Nate. What fun that must have been!

Aunt Kathy said...

I love meeting blog/online friends. I bet you two had a great time.