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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Next Contest. What? I Know!

I have been contacted by our winner, SuperWoman, and have just given her address to Ruddawg. So she should be getting her prize in about a week I suppose.
I think my next contest I will have it on my knit group on Yahoo.
I you aren't a member, I would love you to come join us and help me keep my group fresh and lively. Right now it is a bit quiet and I am not happy with a quiet group. I need posts and chatter and knit talk and I need it every day. whew.
So I had a nice day on Valentine's day. Hubby worked so I cooked and made some fixings for tostada's and baked an upsidedown pineapple cake. Everything was delish and hubby appreciated my efforts. Love him!!
Here was some of what kept me entertained while my food was cooking.

Grandkids playing and having fun with nothing but themselves.

And all those little dots in the pot are over 200 baby fish.

I waited for Tina and Coley to come by but he was too sick. They were at Kaiser getting him checked out cuz he has another ear infection and a high fever poor baby boy. Poor Tina and Dade. and Mia Bella too. lol


Aunt Kathy said...

Thats a lot of fish.

I may pop over to the Yahoo group but not sure how talkative I'll be... I spend so much time on the laptop now, yikes.

kadezmom said...

Too much fun...I love it!!!!! Look at all those baby fish!!!