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Friday, January 16, 2009

Finishing Friday

Today is Finish or Frog Friday. Every Friday I will post a project that I have either finished or had to frog. I think this is to encourage me to actually finish a project rather than have it laying around forever.

So I have finished the project I was working on for the cloth and one skein swap on my knitting circle group . I'm not going to post a photo of it until my partner gets it. Am mailing it off tomorrow so next week maybe by this time it will be posted.

I also have one dishcloth that I started about a year ago and it's been sitting in my knitting jar for over a year. It's a flower power cloth and I really don't want to frog it so I'm posting that I will have it done before I go to bed tonight so it will legally still be Friday! So I gotta get off here and pull the darn thing out of the jar and get it done!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
And tomorrow I cast on for my socks finally. see the blue yarn behind the jar next to the coke zero? That the yarn for my socks.


Jane said...

I didn't finish or frog anything yesterday! But I did come across a term on another group that takes away all the guilt - "sleeping on the needles". Yup - I have no UFOs - only projects that are 'sleeping on the needles"

Aunt Kathy said...

Did you do it Patt??? Did you finish Flower Power? I want to start some socks too, but first I need to get the hanks into balls without ruining the whole thing.

Sleeping on the needles, hahahaha...Jane cracks me up.