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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Heart to Knit cloth

I finished this cloth yesterday I think or the day before. It is the first thing in a while that I have finished. Hopefully this will end my long stretch of not knitting. Can't explain it except just can't get to all my yarns that I need to have right next to me at all times or I will have a fit.

Since we have started the little kitchen project that has turned into a 3 month long monster project all, well most, of my yarn has been sitting nicely in place but with boxes of stuff stacked in front of it plus my new rocking chair recliner. I am so tired of this already. Someone give me a stick of dynomite and a match please. I need to clear a way to my petting yarns........

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Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I understand being frustrated my health went bad and havent been knitting much since the first of the year and now that Iam threw the surgeries Iam still in so much pain told it will be 5-7 weeks more before Iam healed enough to be able to be free enough of the pain to sit and knit like I want to.Your projects you have done are gorgeous I see your love of blue;)Darcy