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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Floor is done!! and table too

Here is our tiled floor. All finished. I think hubby did a fabulous job. 2 of the days he worked on it he had hired help and that really sped things along. He just finished putting on the small baseboards and also putting in the rest of the pantry and cubboard shelves. I think he has only one small shelf to put in under the sink. And then here is the table that we built ourselves. The granite company made the top to our specs and we put the rest together. I designed it and hubby and Javie kid made it. only have a little facing to put on it underneath and we have to seal the top again. oh and seal the floor grout as well. So what do you think of it???

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stitchin' girl said...

I think it looks great! The floor is beautiful. I find it amazing that you and your husband did all that!!!