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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New intern at the Ice company

Well Here is the new intern at my daughter and her hubbys business. Her name is Mia and she looks ready to work. A little uncertain but ready to go.
Next photo is of office manager/coowner /Mom , Tina showing the intern how to greet customers. Next one is of Mia and co owner/delivery guy/Dad, Dade letting Mia handle an incoming fax. She is doing well! What a little worker.
Next photo is of Mia wondering why I keep taking photos of her when she is trying to learn the business and in the next one she is asking her boss if she is allowed to show the customers her tongue!!! I think the boss said that she most certainly can if she says to the first, "Hi, how can I help you?"


Mimi said...

She is a doll!!!!!!! Where does she get that hair from??? Aren't they such a joy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

your too funny!! the ice intern can even say ice i heard. she's the official ice princess. finally royalty in our family.