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Sunday, September 24, 2006

12 in squares for a comfortghan

These are the 2 12 inch squares that I made to send to Christy McMahon for a comfortghan she is making for a member of her Bumbles Groovy Crochet yahoo group.
I have it all packed up, stamped and ready to mail and now looking at this photo I see that the square on the right has different yarn on the last 2 rounds. this really sucks. I could have sworn that the yarns were the same kind and same lot # but evidently they weren't. Normally I wouldn't send this off but this time I am going to let it slide.
I have a lot of things I need to get knitted and crocheted by Oct. and I just don't have the arm strength to rip it out and do over again. Time is my enemy and so is my arthritis. Boy can it get any more painful????? Ha well I know it can but don't want to think about having to endure it.

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