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Saturday, July 08, 2006

pop can or water bottle cozy

In Creative Korners group I am in the popcan cozy swap. I have the cutest pattern for a knitted one in my newest Creative Knitting mag but it calls for sport weight yarn and I didn't have any in the color I wanted. But I did have some cotton yarn. So I just crocheted a circle big enough for the bottom of the can and then using dp needles, I picked up stitches all around and started with k2 p2 ribbing for 6 rows and then stockinet st for 9 rows then 6 more rows of the rib pattern. That's as far as I have gotten today. I will do the 9 rows of stockinet st and another 6 of the ribbing and that will probably be enough. It's gonna be cute but not as cute as the pattern in my mag. I will make myself one of those soon as I wind up some of the yarn I have in the lavendar. sweet mild color. Posted by Picasa

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