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Monday, February 06, 2006

February is my Month!!

Oh yeah February is most definitely my month. All of my growing up life, I must have picked the worst boyfriends cuz I don't ever remember getting a valentine or candy on Feb 14th.
So when I got married 13 years ago, I thought why not make it a Memorial day for everyone and we got married on Feb 14, 1993!! And 13 years later I am still getting Valentines Day and Anniversary cards from hubby, along with roses and candy and jewelry. Guess it just depends on what man you pick and on what day you get married. lol
The little Heart Bag I made to send to one of my secretpals. This is for the one in secretcrochetpals. She knows who I am cuz I screwed up when I sent her a ecard and it had my real name on it. duhhhhh so otherwise I would not say who it is for.
I sent her a crochet hook case for last month but when she finally got the puffy, only thing left in it was a card I made her. So I made her this case to replace the other one.

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