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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Feb 1, 2014

Has it really been over a year since I posted to this blog???  Well excuse me please.  I have been really doing nothing but vegging out this past year.  Ha Ha NOT!!  

I've started walking unaided again and I'm driving again.  I am so happy about those 2 things alone that  I don't need anything else to perk me up.  But...........
My old childhood friend, Dana M., got in touch with me and hopefully this year she will move just one small town away from me so we can visit and do things together.  Doing the happy dance.

So this is The LOVE month.  My 21st anniversary is on Valentine's Day.  Wow.  unbelievable. lol

 I have been knitting some more felted cloche hats.  I've sold 3 last month so thought I'd use up the rest of my wool yarn.  I love the darn things.  I love hats period but never wear them.  In the past I didn't go out that much but now I'm planning on wearing them whenever I want and where ever I want.  LIfe is too short not to do things that you enjoy.
Here I am in one of them.
I also made a lot of wristwarmers this winter.  Here are just a few of them.

The second photo these are the Giants and 49er colors.  Made for a customer.  Fun to make and fun to wear.  I can do them is all sorts of team colors.

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