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Friday, September 04, 2009

local Fashion Show

My daughter and her hubby and kids came to visit me the other day so I had the chance to give Mia Bella the pink tutu I had made for her. She has started taking ballet class so I thought she'd love a tutu.
Well she totally and I mean totally ignored the tutu. Coley on the other hand, had fun with it.

Then a day or so later I got a call from Tina. She just finished up a photo shoot with Mia Bella and her tutu. Tina said Mia Bella had the tutu on for days!!! Check out the model. She is having a total ball.

You surely can't tell by the photos but Mia Bella is very shy, even here she is shy. But boy does she get bold when the camera is on her. Love her!! ANd Coley, he isn't shy at all and he is soooo cute. Love him!!!

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