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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tweaking the meds and Mia Bella and Coley

So here I am, not lost in the woods at all, just wandering around trying to find a good spot to stop and picnic. hahahhaah
Went to the new doc, got all my meds tweaked and upped and now am waiting to see if this works for me or not.
Of course with a new doc comes lots more tests to see where the body is at. I've got a fasting blood test coming up and a mamogram and paptest, which I know is way over due. Also have physical therapy scheduled for my shoulder and diabetes group and oh yeah xrays of my replaced knee. It's not working right any more either. Also got new meds for pain control. HOpe I find a level that works ok for me.
For right now I've not really done anything needle wise except a cloth for a group I'm in. Just making a few silver pendants and charms to sell in my etsy shop. I sold 2 items last week. One in etsy and one in my artfire shop. And am still ordering materials for my pendants even tho I'm not making the $$ to pay for it. Just like yarn. Always wanting more even thou I have a boat load of it. lol
Hubby and 2 gkids outside in pool, finally got it filled up and the floater in and all is well with them.
I did finally get up to see my grandaughter and gson yesterday. Mia's birthday was July 2 and I gave her gifts to her yesterday , almost 3 weeks later. I swear I better get feeling better so I can start taking myself places. shoot.

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