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Friday, June 05, 2009

Silly Dogs

My daughter and family in Napa owns a yellow English lab (as in dog) and he plays in the backyard as well as in the house. Across the fence in the back there lives another dog. These two dogs will dig dig dig until there is a hole big enough to squirm thru. Here look at this:

neighbor doggy

Zeek and Mia Bella

my dog Rayo
yep that is the dog from back neighbor peeking thru the hole that they have dug. My daughter is so smart. She went over and got the dog to come and have a "play date" with her's. She said that Zeek and the other dog had so much fun. At least now she knows that they are friendly with one another. So when they dig another hole today and are in the same yard while her and Dade are at work, she knows they won't fight but play and have fun.

This is so funny to me. Dogs having play dates. I'd take my dog over there for a play date but I'm afraid that Zeek would think we were just bringing him lunch!!


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love the dog peeking up from the hole under the fence to cute and the little -princess she is a cutie.Hugs Darcy

Knitnut,Karen said...

Dogs need to socialize also! It's good for their temperment. The child is darling! nothing like a girl and her dog!