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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hair cuts today

Today was haircut day. Javie and Olivia and I, all got hair cuts. I told the stylist that I wanted a pixie hair cut and he thought I said a buzz fade. Here is what I got. Oh well in a week or so it will be just right.
I have started on a dishcloth for one of the groups I'm in. It's one I've never done and I like it.
Gotta have it done before April is over. lol Also am going to start on the sock kal on my sock kal blog if you want to join in with the kal come and join in.


A Knittin' Junkie! said...

I think it's cute! If you put a little pomade or wax on your finger tips (not much) and then kind of pick at your hair with them, especially at the bangs and pull them down into little spikes across your forehead and then run your fingertips on the sides, toward the'll have that pixie look you were hoping for! (I went to barber/beauty school...and I always loved the pixie cuts; so cute!)

Enjoy your new cut sweety!
Hugs, health & happiness,
Anita, a Knitting Junkie!

trek said...

You don't exactly look happy about the haricut.

Then again, I hate it when the stylist doesn't do what is requested of them...

kadezmom said...

I saw the look on your face before I read the blog, and wow, you're NOT liking the haircut. I get it. I need mine cut too......but I hate going, I hate my hair, I hate the process.

Let's all shave and go BALD!

You in?

superwoman_4002 said...

I hardly ever go to get my hair cut because somehow it always gets messed up! haha... it doesn't help that i have curly hair! I guess nobody knows how to deal with curly hair?! lol... right now my hair is lopsided: longer curls sticking out of the bottom and shorter curls all over the place... looks rather goofy ;)

But... enough complaining! lol... i really think your hair cut looks good! lol You can hit me now if you still don't like it lol ;) Have a great day!!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Actually I think it looks great on you shows off your pretty eyes:)((((Hugging You))))) Darcy

Aunt Kathy said...

Come on Patt... where's that smile we all have come to know and love?

Knitnut,Karen said...

I like it! I think if you kinda spike it up a bit it,it will look real stylish! Oh well, smile, at least it can grow out of it!