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Friday, April 10, 2009

Another Grandson Boo boo

I just have to show you all this. Cole was running behind Pa the other day and when Pa curved around the granite kitchen table Cole didn't. Crunch!!

Look at the big ol knot on that head. Poor kid had a headache for 2 days. This kid is the cutest kid ever but he is a total daredevil. He jumps and climbs and runs and gets into everything. A total bundle of energy and I think he is wearing my girl to a frazzle.

LOve ya Tina, you to Dade and Mia Bella.

Here's my girl Mia Bella. Isn't she beautiful? Yep she is.


kadezmom said...

Yikes! That's a pretty good sized goose egg. Youch.

Bella is a doll.

Hope this third round of antibiotics does the trick!

Knitnut,Karen said...

That poor baby! Hope he's feeling bbetter!

Aunt Kathy said...

Well Patt hang onto your bandaids, LOL. Looks like you are gonna have a Joe/Adam (my son&grandson)on your hands. I spent more time in the hospital with them then I care to remember

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Thankyou for all you do and your babies are cuties reminds me of the egg my son got on his head when he was 2 he still has a little scar.Happy Easter Hugs Darcy