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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jan 3

In Memory of Dennis Julias Gonzales, beloved Son, Grandson, Nephew, Brother, Cousin, and friend. With love from the Alvarez, Marcial, Sallade, Dominguez, Gonzales, and Ivey Families.

This is Dennis and his sisters and brother and MOm at Kaiser Hospital Christmas party in 2003

This is Dennis and his new baby bro Javie on June 7 2002 before Dennis got sick.

This is Dennis and his Aunt Tina on his first trip outside at the hospital after a course of chemo.

Today it has been 5 years since my oldest grandson Dennis passed away. He had Leukemia

Here is the photo of his family leaving in a limo for Disneyland for the Make a Wish trip. We had a total ball and made lots of memories.

Dennis we love and miss you like crazy.

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Jane said...

What a beautiful boy and how unfair! I'm glad that you have some happy memories with him.