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Saturday, September 06, 2008

New post just for Tina!!!

My daughter, Tina, told me the other day that I need to blog more cuz she is tired of looking at the same stuff here. So I decided to blog about her and her family today.
Hi Tina Bo Bina.
Her and her hubby Dade and kids Mia Bella and Cole live in Napa CA and they own the Napa Valley Ice Company.
Tina and the kids run the office and Dade delivers the ice. You can also go to the office and buy ice there as well.
This year Mia Bella is going to preschool (aka day care) while Mom and Coley works. I don't think Cole really does any work, I think he just makes more work for Tina as he is only 10 months old, almost 11 now. See the above photo of him in their dishwasher at home, NOT helping with the dishes but getting in the way. hahahhaha and then him with the blue tongue and face. He found a blue highlighter and tried to eat it. It was fun for him but it took a couple of days for the blue to wash off. He is the sweetest kid tho. A handful but he gives such love and fun that no one minds the busy ness of him.
Mia is a princess. A true girlie girl. She had on some silver shoes the other day when they visited and after they left my carpet just sparkled with tiny little silver stuff. It was cool. Looked like I had dropped a pocketful of tiny diamonds on the ground.

It has been so hot here that I haven't knit or really done anything the last few days except read and watch tv. Thursday we had our carpets and sofa and chair professionally cleaned. Yeah it was so hot that I sat in my puter chair right here in the room while the guy did half the floor and the sofa and chairs (he did the bedrooms first) then hubby moved my chair to the kitchen under the ceiling fan and I sat there while he did the rest. Hubby got a helper to help him move all the 3 rooms of furniture outside and after, back in the house. But we still have a porch full of things we have to go thru and decide what I want to toss and want to keep. I don't want to keep much as less is less clutter in here. now to just talk him into tossing it that's the trick. He hates to throw out stuff.
Ok that's it for today.


Aunt Kathy said...

I had a blue tongued grandson too, lol and geez at first I thought he was climbing in the oven, lol

Great pictures

Jane said...

Cute, cute, grandkids!