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Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 13

Well I'm starting on day 13 of a 14 day treatment for this bacteria that causes ulcers. I had horrible ulcers when I was only 24 but I finally got it under control after a few years. My dad had bleeding ulcers. Do they run in families?

Anyway, what I thought was side effects of my new diabetes medicine turned out to be the shocking return of the ulcer from hell. Tests from doc discovered that I needed this treatment so here I am. Almost done with it.

I am so full of pepto bismol and prilosec and tetracyline and this other medicine. My body smells like the other medicine. a slight salty sweaty smell. very faint but I am aware of it at all times.

even right after my shower. yuk. i sure do hope this treatment cures me of the bacteria. I will have to have another blood test to find out. Oh I was suppose to be doing this poop 3 day test but I haven't gotten up enogh nerve to do it. I mean if my ulcer is bleeding lets just get rid of it and get on with things already, right? why go poking at my poop. double yuk.

I just have not been myself for the last 2 weeks. I've been in pain and a not so good mood and haven't felt like really talking to or listening to anyone. But I can only live in my bedroom so many hours a day and then have to come out and greet the family or dog or fish whomever is here. I know I've been a bear to live with and I'm so totally sorry about that. When I've needed rest the most and peace and quiet, my house has been filled with folks, playing and having fun and me in my bedroom wishing someone would just come in and ask me if I needed anything, or to just sit for a minute with me quietly. Then I got over it. lol nobody even cared that I was sick and trying to sleep. Such is life and I';m glad I'm here to have it and now I'm going to bed with my hubby who is snoring softly and so it our chihuahua Rayo. Love my guys.

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Aunt Kathy said...

Oh Patt if only I lived close, we could sit together, even if in silence sometimes and knit.

I too have been dealing with many medical issues and I know exactly where you are.

I will be praying that this is the end and you find yourself back among the living and lovin it.